With the Ora clock hanging on your wall, you can enjoy the way the convex figures cast discreet shadows along the rim of the circle. The contrast between the ceramic material and the perspex that the hands are made of gives a modern edge to the simple wall clock.

The clean and modern form language with no extraneous details makes Ora a both functional and stylish product. The purity that characterises the form language blurs the traditional barrier between the masculine and the feminine. Ora has a sculptural touch that appeals to both genders, and the clock is not just a practical arrangement that tells time, it is an integrated part of the interior design of your home.

Ora is available in two sizes and a variety of elegant colours. 

Dimensions:  S diam.: 200 mm
                     L diam.: 300 mm


Birgitte Due Madsen,Jonas Trampedach
119.90  EUR
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