Column Drum is a handcrafted candleholder made of wood. It is inspired by the constructional perfection of fluting, the circular parts with grooves forming the shaft of ancient Greek columns.

The copper plate aluminum part built in the candleholder serves as a base for the candle, protects the wooden part against the candle flame, and reflects the light from the candle, adding a mystic glow. The grooves on the wooden part provoke the play of the candlelight on the shadow, giving a sense of perpetual motion.

Inspired by the ancient Greek beauty, Column Drum Candleholder is designed to offer great aesthetic in your room. Its aim is to help you come closer to each other, be moved, and become more sensitive to the beauty all around us.

Dimensions: Top diameter: 6.5cm
Bottom diameter: 7.5cm
Height: 7cm

Weight: 130gr


Spyros Athanasopoulos
50  EUR
1 Quantity